LCR-Light Cure Retainer

LCR-Light Cure Retainer

Reliance LCR Light Cure Retainer includes:• L.C.R. Economy Kit with 20 gm Paste in Preloaded Syringe Tips• L.C.R. Economy Kit with Paste in (4) 5gm Push Syringes

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<strong>Features:</strong><br> <ul style="list-style-type: disc;"> <li>Fabricated from .030 wire</li> <li>Sizes are measured distal of cuspid to distal of cuspid</li> <li>5 per package</li> </ul>

Reliance Orthodontic Products

<p>Light Cure Retainer</p> <p>Product Features</p> <p>Product Uses: Light cure bonding paste is designed specifically for bonded lingual retainers: pad or wire types. It is also ideal for an occlusal build up on posterior teeth. This highly filled light cured resin paste is an excellent choice when longevity and durability are required! Simply apply according to instructions and light cure for 30 seconds</p> <p>Contents of Kit<br /> • 20 g Paste<br /> • (2) 3 cc Sealant Resin&nbsp;<br /> • 23 g Liquid Etching Agent&nbsp;<br /> • Spatulas<br /> &nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Please select Light Bond Sealant Resin (Standard in Kit), Assure Universal Bonding Resin, or Pro Seal</p>

Supplier: OrthoEssentials
Features: Fabricated from .030 wire Sizes are measured distal of cuspid to distal of cuspid 5 per p..

Supplier: Reliance Orthodontic Products
Light Cure Retainer Product Features Product Uses: Light cure bonding paste is designed specif..
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