Recess Touchpad Ultrasonic Units

Recess Touchpad Ultrasonic Units

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L&R ManufacturingL&R Manufacturing
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L&R Manufacturing

<p><strong>SweepZone® Recessed Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems</strong></p> <p>L&amp;R's Recessed Systems with digital touch pad controls easily install into existing countertops and work areas to save valuable workspace.<br /> These models provide an efficient and convenient method for instrument cleaning &amp; processing.</p> <p>SweepZone recessed systems utilize simple inline connections that facilitate installation with most cabinet and Steri-Center Work Stations.</p> <p><img alt="" src="" style="width: 1153px; height: 282px;" /></p>

Supplier: L&R Manufacturing
SweepZone® Recessed Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems L&R's Recessed Systems with digital touch pad..

Dental Recess Touchpad Ultrasonic Units contain some of the products:• SR116A – Recess/Touchpad/Sol Valve• SR118A – R Type Recessed