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Trim® II PEMA Temporary Resin Acrylic - Standard Kit

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Trim® and Trim® II PEMA Temporary Resin Acrylic are leaders in temporary crown and bridge. Fast-setting, non-irritating PEMA formulated for extended use. The powder and liquid in each kit are identical in formula and the powders can be mixed to obtain specialty shades. The resin is dimensionally stable, will not distort when withdrawn from undercuts while setting.

Trim® is available in two shades (light and dark). Trim® II is available in 6 VITA SHADES for greater diversity in achieving the perfect shade match for patients.

Trim® Standard Kit Contains:
– 2 3 oz. (85g) Powders (1 Dark, 1 Light)
– 6 oz. (177ml) Liquid

Trim® II Standard Kit Contains:
– 6 1.5 oz. (42g) Powders (Shades B1 (59), B2 (61), A2 (62), D3 (65), C2 (69), B4 (77)
– 4 oz. (177ml) Liquid Trim®

Bulk Kit Contains:
– 1lb. (454g) Powder
– 8 oz. (236ml) Liquid

Additional bulk packaging available in 5lb, 10lb,& 25lb and custom. A case contains 20 Trim Standard kits. A case contains 16 Trim II standard kits.

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