ALGINELLE -NO Color Change (Sold as Case- 20 X 1lb pouches) (669)
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ALGINELLE -NO Color Change (Sold as Case- 20 X 1lb pouches)

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Brand: Kromopan

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NO Color Changing Alginate (20 Pouches - 1 lb. each)Non-chromatic alginate-Aginate without a chromatic phase indicator: Orange Class A type 1 and 2 alginate.  Easy to Mix  Tixotropic with  High elasticity. Extra-fast in-mouth minimum setting time. High accuracy: 20 micron,  Long dimensional stability (above 100 hours) 

Compatible with alginate impression disinfectant - Mint flavor and Dust free


A non-chromatic alginate with long dimensional stability specifically with the same optimal application specifications as KROMOPAN. The orange color allows an excellent contrast and tool to evaluate the quality of the impression. ALGINELLE can be used for the preparation of:
• mobile prosthesis
• removable and fixed prostheses antagonist
• preliminary models
• study models

The minimum in-mouth setting time is just 30 seconds.



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