Avenger Splash Hood (Hazardous Containment Device)

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Avenger Splash Hood (Hazardous Containment Device)



Handler is excited to announce The 86A Avenger, the latest innovation in the dental lab to help contain contaminants during various polishing and grinding applications Handler revolutionized polishing applications over the years with the Red Wing lathes, polishing units and splash hoods. Handler aluminum and resin splash hoods are used in more offices and dental labs than any other containment device when polishing or grinding. The 86A Avenger now takes the application to a new level of safety and cleanliness. The 86A Avenger is a low cost way to contain hazardous contaminants when polishing or grinding using a Red Wing Lathe or hand piece. The 86A Avenger manufactured of solid, sturdy resin material has two parts, a bottom and a hood that has no hardware or fixed attachments. It is now so easy and efficient to clean and disinfect after every application making it compliant with OSHA and OSAP safety standards. The 86A Avenger has a removable clear acrylic shield specially coated with a material to protect it against scratching. The footprint of The 86A Avenger is larger and the spacious cavity makes it comfortable and ergonomic for any user. It also has a 3” dimple in the rear that can be cut off to add suction.



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