National Blowpipe - Model 3A-B-3 - Blowpipe w/Wrench & N1 and N2 tips (27187)
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National Blowpipe - Model 3A-B-3 - Blowpipe w/Wrench & N1 and N2 tips

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National Blowpipe - Model 3A-B-3 - Blowpipe w/Wrench & N1 and N2 tips


National Blowpipes are economical and easy to operation. There is no other torch as well-known as these pipes. For decades these versatile torches have been the standard for both scientific and artistic glass blowers everywhere. National Blowpipes operate on any fuel gas because of the patented proportional gas mixer. There’s no need to change mixers, instead just select the proper tip. There is a rotating leak-proof union to ensure safety and compliance.

– Available Items: Model 3A-B-3 – Blowpipe w/Wrench & N1 and N2 tips, Model 3A – Blowpipe w/Wrench only (No Tips), N 0 Tip, N 1 Tip, N 2 Tip, N-3 Tip, N 4 Veriflo Tip w/Adapter, Ox 1 Tip, Ox 2 Tip, Ox 3 Tip, Ox 4 Tip, Ox 5 Tip, Multi Hole High Heat Oxygen Tip HTM-2, 12″ Torch Tip Extension
– Sold individually

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