Snap-On Plastic Disc Safety Guard (15/pk) (28392)
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Snap-On Plastic Disc Safety Guard (15/pk)

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Minimize risk! Give yourself peace of mind by providing safety for patients’ soft tissue. Use Snap-On Disc Guard during interproximal reduction with discs to ensure patient safety. Protects the patients' tongues, lips, cheeks and gums from spinning discs.

  • Quickly snaps on and off
  • Provides safety and peace of mind
  • Economical and cost-effective
  • Transparent plastic
  • Clearly see the spinning disc
  • Single-Patient Use, Disposable
  • Can be used with discs, rubber wheel, and brush wheel

To Install the Snap-On Disc Guard:

  1. Hold the end of the shank and snap the disc into the Snap-On Disc Guard.
  2. Align the shank of the disc to the nose of the handpiece, and press the disc and Guard into place with your thumb.
  3. Twist the handle and click the handpiece into the locked position.

To Remove the Snap-On Disc Guard:

  1. Twist the handle and click the handpiece into the unlocked position.
  2. Remove the disc and the Snap-On Disc Guard from the handpiece.
  3. Hold the end of the shank and snap the disc out of the Guard.
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